Examples of performed work

(examples of work performed are given selectively, a complete list of work performed can be provided upon request)


Сompressor oil samples examination

Natural gas centrifugal compressor project expertise with a capacity of 16MW

Центробежный компрессор

General industrial centrifugal compressor preliminary scheme development

центробежный компрессор

Pneumatic audit conducting of the electrodepo «Nevsky» GUP «Peterburgskiy metropolitan”


Industrial screw air compressor examination

Винтовой компрессор

16 MW natural gas supercharger outlet chamber optimization

Центробежный компрессор

Flow simulation around the aerodrome jet deflecting shield

Компьютерное моделирование

Special design fan for aggressive gases

Центробежный вентилятор

GPA axial compressors gas dynamic and design parameters efficiency research and analysis in order to determine the rational scope of application

ПАО Газпром

Computational analysis of the linear, booster and UGS natural gas superchargers efficiency increasing by increasing the rotation speed

ПАО Газпром

Comparative analysis of the HRC 2,2 with VLD and VD GPA-16 DKS «Ural» aggregates characteristics of Yamburg gas condensate field

Исследование компрессоров

Axial compressors elementary blade system efficiency computational studies using experimental data on the diffusivity factor influence


Axial fans aerodynamic design for hydrogen-water-cooled turbogenerators.

Силовые машины

Single-stage centrifugal compressor passage design with an axial impeller for GPA with a capacity of 32 MW

Сумское НПО им. М.С. Фрунзе

Air-collecting receiver gas-dynamic flow and three-dimensional computer modeling study with passage geometrical dimensions determination

Вентилятор для обдува аэродрома

Natural gas centrifugal compressors design

ПАО Газпром

Existing systems complex survey conducting of air supply and distribution for technical needs at the metro sites

Моделирование пневомсети

Analysis, selection, calculation of new and existing schemes improvement of compressed air dehumidification, accumulation and cooling when drilling exploratory wells up to 300 meters deep, with a diameter of up to 172 mm


Analytical report development on the topic «Analysis of the current scientific and technical potential of domestic manufacturers in the import substitution of compressor equipment used in the Russian Federation oil and gas industry»

Минпромторг РФ

Normative documentation and software development for compressors selection in the compressor stations design

Газпром нефть

The operation modes simulator of oil and gas facilities

Hydrodynamic modeling of heat exchange processes of heat exchangers as applied to large-scale LNG plants

ПАО Газпром

Determination of design characteristics and development of sketches of the elements of the flow path of the booster-compressor of the turboexpander unit TDA-36.5 / 6.0


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