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Выпускники кафедры КВиХТ 2015 года

by profiles:

  • «Compressor and refrigeration machines and installations»;
  • «Compressors, equipment and gas transportation networks of oil and gas industry»;
  • «Compressors, refrigeration and gas transmission networks for the oil and gas industry»;
  • «Vacuum and compressor engineering of physical installations».

Students of the «CVRE» Department get the most modern and relevant knowledge for the industry!

Employees of our center are constantly doing work for industry orders. This gives them the opportunity to be constantly aware of the most advanced technologies and have the most demanded competencies in the industry. The employees of our scientific and engineering center pass this knowledge on to their students, which makes them the most demanded specialists after graduation!
We organize our students practice at the enterprises of oil and gas complex and power engineering enterprises, where they receive a salary of up to 80 000 rubles per month and consolidate the theoretical knowledge!

The close connection with the industry and the high demand for our specialty allows us to organize our students practices at the largest enterprises of the country, including oil and gas companies! From the institute, our students have already come out with considerable experience in the oil and gas complex, as well as other large enterprises like Norilsk Nickel, REP Holding, etc., which allows our graduates to find work easily!

Конус обучения Эдгара Дейла
Практика в ООО "Газпром трансгаз Санкт-Петербург"

Our students practice at the OOO «Gazprom Transgaz St. Petersburg», the largest oil and gas company in the North-West region of Russia.

Практика в ПАО "Газпром нефть"

Practice at PAO «Gazprom Neft»

Практика в ООО "Газпром трансгаз Югорск"

Practice at OOO «Gazprom Transgaz Yugorsk» — the largest gas transmission subsidiary of PAO «Gazprom»

Практика в ООО "РН-Ванкор" - крупнейшем добычном подразделении Роснефти

Practice at OOO «RN-Vankor» – the largest production unit of Rosneft

Our graduates, when finishing the university, have significant documented work experience at oil and gas facilities and power engineering companies, which is very important for their future employers!

Many of the students already starting with the master program start working at the oil and gas and other industrial enterprises, where they were sent to practice!

Отметка в трудовой книжке студента о практике на ОО "РН-Ванкоор"крупнейшей добывающей дочекрней компании Роснефти
Удостоверение машиниста технологических компрессоров студента кафедры КВиХТ
Мухаммед Али Тренировка
A student engineering bureau has been created based on the department, where we prepare the best students to participate in the work of our center under the guidance of our specialists!

Students participating in the student engineering bureau work on additional practical skills performing complex scientific and technical work. According to the participation results in the SEB work, the best students are attracted to our science and technology center work, where they get experience performing real industrial work and earn their first money!

Taking part in these works, students earn their first money!
Мухаммед Али Чемпион Мира

The works examples in which the SEB best students took part under the specialists guidance from our center:

Расчет, проектирование и испытания вентилятора специального исполнения для агрессивных газов

Special ventilator for aggressive gases calculation, design and testing

Оптимизированная схема пневмосети

A performance of the St. Petersburg subway pneumatic audit sites with modeling and optimization of existing pneumatic networks.

Проточная часть центробежного компрессора

Multi-criteria optimization, as a result of which it was possible to increase the calculated efficiency of the model stage NZL-REPH by 1.58%

We help our graduates with employment for a highly paid and prestigious job!

Студенты Р. Шалапутов и В. Востриков - кадровый резерв Газпрома
Constant contact with industry representatives allows us to help our students with employment for prestigious and well-paid places in their field!

Our graduates are in demand in all industries!


5000 Megawatts

This is the approximate total capacity of centrifugal compressors operating with natural gas facilities of PAO "Gazprom", created by gas-dynamic projects of "Compressor, vacuum and refrigeration engineering" department (CVaRE), on the basis of which our scientific-engineering center was created!


This is the Association of compressor and pneumatic engineers, created on the basis of the "Compressor, vacuum and refrigeration engineering" department in 1990!


The average number of students per year who are trained at our further education courses. At the same time we do not chase the number! Our task is to teach!

4 MW

This is the approximate total capacity of the test and laboratory stands of the CVRE department! The tests and studies number conducted on them, is thousands - the exact number we do not know even ourselves!

145 and 11

This is the number of theses in the field of compressor equipment and pneumatic systems defended at the CVRE department during its existence!


This is the average number of our students who annually practice at oil and gas enterprises! At these practices, our students receive a salary of up to 80 000 rubles / month!


At the time of its creation (August 21, 1930) The CVRE department was the world's first educational institution for training specialists for all types of compressors!



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