We invite you to take part in the annual international industrial Conference


«Compressor technologies» 2021


St. Petersburg, season of White nights

May 26-28, 2021

Participants of the annual international industrial conference "Compressor Technologies 2021"

The main subjects of the Conference:

  1. Compressors and their equipment exploitation, maintenance and diagnostics;
  2. Compressors and their equipment packaging and development of technical specifications for them;
  3. Questions about acceptance of compressor equipment by a customer;
  4. Cooperation between a customer and a supplier during compressor equipment life cycle;
  5. Modern achievements in the field of compressor equipment and package design and production and also in the field of compressor equipment automation and adjustment.
  6. State support measures for compressor industry enterprises.
  7. State regulation in the compressor industry.


Our Conference is an open independent scientific and technical event, any company can take part in it on the terms of the Information letter to the participants. To participate, you should fill out the registration form. We will be glad to see you at our Conference!

Information letter to the participants of the Conference 2021



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