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It is used to obtain the characteristics of a full-scale object without making it «in metal» to save the customer’s money

Computer modeling methods can be used to obtain the characteristics of: power machines, parts and assemblies, mechanisms, hydro -, gas-and thermodynamic systems. A full-scale experiment can also be modeled.

Due to the absence of the need to manufacture a full-scale object at the stage of development and optimization of the mechanism or physical system, a significant saving of time and money of the customer is achieved.

Computer simulation of the performance of an airfield jet shield.

Strength calculations

Modeling of strength characteristics of centrifugal compressor rotor

An important direction of computer simulation is to determine the strength characteristics of the object!

Thus, already at the design stage, the object is given high performance with minimal metal content.

In addition, the amount of necessary finishing of objects in operation is reduced.

According to the results of computer modeling, the characteristics of the object can be not only obtained, but also significantly improved!

For example: as a result of multi-criteria optimization, we managed to increase the calculated efficiency of the model stage NZL-REPH by 1.58%!

As a computational base, we use the computing cluster of the CVRT Department, as well as the Polytechnic Supercomputer Center — the third most powerful in Russia!

The main technical parameters of SCC “Polytechnic”.

The peak power of SCC “Polytechnic” is 829.34 TFLOPS,

number of cores — 19,936,

the total electric power consumed by the SCC (together with the support systems) is approximately equal to 1 MW.

Д.А. Медведев в СКЦ «Политехнический

In our work we use both commercial software packages such as ANSYS, Comsol, Numeca, IOSO, and software packages of our own development!