Scientific and engineering group

Compressor, vacuum, refrigeration engineering and systems of gas transport and processing

Created by specialists of the "Compressor, vacuum and refrigeration engineering" department of Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University

Second degree, master’s degree

The specialists of our research group invite you to get higher education in the correspondence master’s program

«Decarbonization technologies in the fuel and energy industry»

Диплом магистра

Study duration: 2 years

Study place: ITMO University (Saint-Petersburg, Russia).

The program target audience:

  • specialists and managers of industrial enterprises with higher education who wish to improve their knowledge in the subject area of the program or receive a second higher education in accordance with professional standards corresponding to their position;
  • students enrolled in other master’s programs who wish to continue working in the oil and gas, petrochemical or other related industry after graduation.

About master’s program

Decarbonization is primarily the technological processes of working with greenhouse gases, which include CO2, methane, associated petroleum gas and its components. In our program, we teach our students the technologies of gas transportation and gas processing in the oil and gas industry, the installation of gas transmission networks and compressor stations, the creation of digital twins, the design and operation of basic technological equipment (compressors, turbo expanders, heat exchange equipment, etc.), decarbonization technologies – reducing greenhouse gas emissions, economic and legal aspects of this field, knowledge of which allows our graduates to occupy not only specialist positions, but also senior positions in companies related to transportation and gas processing. And since gas transportation, gas processing and decarbonization are not only Russian, but also international industrial agendas, graduates of our program are in demand and can work not only at Russian enterprises but also in any large industrial company in any country of the world.

Specializations of the program :
  • Specialization 1: Complexes and installations in the oil and gas, chemical and energy industries.
  • Specialization 2: Hydrogen energy and renewable energy sources.