Are you familiar with the situation when money is spent, equipment is purchased, but it does not perform the expected functions?

The current situation in the Russian market is characterized by the fact that often when forming a technical and commercial proposal or when developing a project, the supplier takes into account first of all its commercial interests, and not the interests of the customer. As a result, there is often a situation that the supplied equipment partially or completely does not meet the requirements of the customer and is not able to perform the required functions.

Examination of the project or the delivered equipment by the specialists of our center will help you to protect yourself from making the wrong decision on the purchase of equipment or problems with low-quality delivered equipment!

The experts of our center have experience in performing more than 700 works in the field of compressor equipment commissioned by the industry and more than 5000 experiments and tests, if necessary, are ready to provide an expert opinion on the project developed for you, technical and commercial proposal or delivered equipment.


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