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Air-collecting receiver gas-dynamic flow and three-dimensional computer modeling study with passage geometrical dimensions determination

Вентилятор для обдува аэродрома

Analysis, selection, calculation of new and existing schemes improvement of compressed air dehumidification, accumulation and cooling when drilling exploratory wells up to 300 meters deep, with a diameter of up to 172 mm


Сompressor oil samples examination

Single-stage centrifugal compressor passage design with an axial impeller for GPA with a capacity of 32 MW

Сумское НПО им. М.С. Фрунзе

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Interesting facts

5000 Megawatts

This is the approximate total capacity of centrifugal compressors operating with natural gas facilities of PAO "Gazprom", created by gas-dynamic projects of "Compressor, vacuum and refrigeration engineering" department (CVaRE), on the basis of which our scientific-engineering center was created!


This is the Association of compressor and pneumatic engineers, created on the basis of the "Compressor, vacuum and refrigeration engineering" department in 1990!


The average number of students per year who are trained at our further education courses. At the same time we do not chase the number! Our task is to teach!

4 MW

This is the approximate total capacity of the test and laboratory stands of the CVRE department! The tests and studies number conducted on them, is thousands - the exact number we do not know even ourselves!

145 and 11

This is the number of theses in the field of compressor equipment and pneumatic systems defended at the CVRE department during its existence!


This is the average number of our students who annually practice at oil and gas enterprises! At these practices, our students receive a salary of up to 80 000 rubles / month!


At the time of its creation (August 21, 1930) The CVRE department was the world's first educational institution for training specialists for all types of compressors!


Scientific and engineering group Compressor, vacuum and refrigeration engineering and pneumatic systems

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