Scientific and engineering group

Compressor, vacuum, refrigeration engineering and systems of gas transport and processing

Created by specialists of the "Compressor, vacuum and refrigeration engineering" department of Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University


Specialist of the group, Ph. D., associate professor

In 2005 graduated from the Department of «Compressor, vacuum and refrigeration engineering» of St. Petersburg state Polytechnic University, receiving a master’s degree.

In 2009 defended his PhD thesis on the scientific specialty 05.04.06 «Vacuum, compressor equipment and pneumatic systems» with Professor R. A. Izmailov, doctor of technical Sciences.

While studying for a master’s degree, he began working as a design engineer at ZAO «Barrens», where he developed design documentation for components and parts of piston compressors. A year later, he was appointed as an acting Chief designer. He carried out projects on modernization of oil-free compressors, refrigeration compressors, CNG stations, design of low-cost transport compressors, design and modification of prototype designs, drawings verification, Assembly of plants and assemblies, behavior of compressor units thermodynamic calculations, strength calculations of modified and new compressor parts.

During his postgraduate studies he worked as a designer in ZAO «BTK-Project» where he carried out the construction of three-dimensional models of multi-storey buildings, design of ventilation, heating, cooling, water supply, Sewerage. For performance of works Alexander Anatolyevich created the systematized parametrized library of systems elements (boxes of various section, fans, filters, ceiling and wall lattices, valves, fire valves, cold supply of fencoils, absorption refrigerating machines, compression refrigerating machines, cooling towers, pumps, water supply fittings, sanitary equipment, heating heating devices, thermal knots, fittings, the Sewerage pipes).

At the end of his postgraduate studies he worked in one of the first startups of OOO «Optiflame solutions» (resident of the SKOLKOVO Foundation since 2011) as a researcher, designer. He was engaged in the construction of wind turbines three-dimensional models, numerical simulation of CFD, field experiments, design.

He also worked in ZAO «LATRES» as a deputy chief designer. He prepared technical documentation for escalator equipment, design, production of drawings.

2013-2019: associate Professor, CVRE Department, Deputy head of “CVRE” Department for academic work. Since 2016 is a head of the educational program «Energy engineering» (bachelor and master) at the Institute of energy and transport systems.

From September 2019: Director of the Power engineering higher school (PEHS) of Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University. Associate Professor at the PEHS since February 2020.

During his work in the scientific and engineering group «Compressor, vacuum, refrigeration engineerin and pneumatic systems» has experience in implementing projects carried out by the center on request of the industry in the field of gas dynamic design and modeling centrifugal compressors, aerodynamics calculations, wind turbine modeling, strength calculation, enterprises pneumatic systems audits, as well as training courses.

Author of more than 45 scientific publications.

Carries out research on numerical modeling of unsteady characteristics of power machines in computer complexes Ansys FLOW simulation.

Main scientific interest: development of turbocharger design techniques, modeling of energy and strength characteristics of parts, assemblies, mechanisms, and the machine as a whole, the study of non-stationary processes in turbochargers, the development of fundamentally new high-precision methods of diagnosis and prevention of surging.

Knows how to work with a wide range of CAD.