Scientific and engineering group

Compressor, vacuum, refrigeration engineering and systems of gas transport and processing

Created by specialists of the "Compressor, vacuum and refrigeration engineering" department of Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University

Alexey Mikhailovich Danilishin

Project Manager of the group, Ph. D. 

In 2014 he graduated with excellence from the «Compressor, vacuum and refrigeration engineering» Department of St. Petersburg state Polytechnic University, receiving a master’s degree in engineering and technology.

During the studies he worked as a design engineer at the enterprise OAO «Compressor», where he carried out the development of design documentation for components and parts of piston compressors.

Since 2014: assistant of the CVRE Department and project Manager of the scientific and engineering group «Compressor, vacuum, refrigeration engineering and pneumatic systems». Since September 2019, an assistant at the Higher School of Power Engineering of SPbPU.

On October 26, 2023, he successfully defended his dissertation for the degree of Ph.D. on the topic “Increasing the efficiency of turbo-refrigeration machines with end-type centrifugal compressor stages.”

During his work in the scientific and engineering center and at the CVRE Department has experience in execution and management of a number of projects carried out by the center on request of the industry in the field of gas dynamic design and modeling of centrifugal compressors, aerodynamics calculations, wind turbine modeling, strength calculation, audits of enterprises pneumatic systems.

Carries out research on numerical modeling of power machines characteristics in computer complexes Ansys, Numeca, Concepts NREC, Comsol.

Main scientific interest: development of turbocompressors design techniques, modeling of energy and strength characteristics of parts, assemblies, mechanisms, and the machine as a whole.

Knows how to work with a wide range of CAD: Computer-3D, NX, DesignModeler, Pro\Engineer, Solidworks.

The winner of the 2016 competition for prizes of the government of St. Petersburg in the field of scientific and pedagogical activity. (Practical course «Mathematical modeling»);

Winner of the grant competition 2014, 2016 for graduate students of universities, industry and academic institutions located in St. Petersburg»

Has been awarded with the diploma of PLC » BP «» for high academic performance and outstanding leadership qualities»

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