Scientific and engineering group

Compressor, vacuum, refrigeration engineering and systems of gas transport and processing

Created by specialists of the "Compressor, vacuum and refrigeration engineering" department of Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University


Group specialist

In 2021, he graduated with honors from the Department of Compressor, Vacuum and Refrigeration Engineering of Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University (SPbPU), receiving a master’s degree.
During training, in the course of practical training, he gained experience of working at the natural gas compressor station of the Novgorod LPU MG of Gazprom transgaz Saint Petersburg.
Since 2018, specialist of the Compressor, Vacuum and Refrigeration Engineering Department of Peter the Great SPbPU (since September 2019, specialist of the Higher School of Power Engineering).
During his work in the scientific and engineering group of CVRT&PS and at the department of CVRT, he has experience in the execution of a number of projects carried out by the group at the request of the industry in the field of gas-dynamic design and modeling of centrifugal compressors, heat transfer processes, strength calculation, audits of pneumatic systems of enterprises.
Author of over 10 scientific publications, including those indexed by the Higher Attestation Commission and Scopus. Winner and participant of several student competitions and conferences, including those in English. Owns a wide range of CAD and CAE programs.
The main scientific interest: the development of methods for calculating and modeling the compression of real gases and compressors using real gases as a working medium, the study of low-temperature compression processes, including the processes of natural gas liquefaction.