Scientific and engineering group

Compressor, vacuum, refrigeration engineering and systems of gas transport and processing

Created by specialists of the "Compressor, vacuum and refrigeration engineering" department of Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University

Calculation and design of refrigeration equipment (refrigeration machines and installations)

The scientific and engineering group of CV&RT performs a wide range of work on the design and calculation of refrigeration equipment (industrial refrigeration machines and installations).

In addition to the significant qualifications of the group’s specialists in this area, the group also actively interacts with the Faculty of Biotechnology and Low-Temperature Systems of ITMO University (the former St. Petersburg State University of Low-Temperature and Food Technologies), which allows the group to perform a wide range of work in the field of calculation and design of refrigeration equipment:

  • Thermodynamic calculations of cycles and heat exchange equipment;
  • Computer simulation of operation schemes of complex refrigeration units;
  • Calculation and design of individual elements of refrigeration plants, including calculation and design of various types of refrigeration compressors and expander equipment;
  • Development of algorithms for control systems of refrigeration machines;
  • Development of methods for thermo- and gas-dynamic design and modeling of processes in refrigerating machines and their elements;
  • Carrying out examinations of projects of refrigeration plants, including installations for complex treatment or liquefaction of gas;
  • Participation in federal import substitution programs together with industrial partners.

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