The expert of the group

Professor, doctor of technical science


In 1957, graduated from the power engineering faculty of LPI with a degree in «Special machines».

From 1957 to 1960 worked in the design bureau of the Leningrad Kirov plant as a design engineer, senior design engineer.

From 1960 to the present time at the Department of CVRE. In 1965 he defended his thesis for the degree of candidate, in 1989 became a doctor of technical sciences. Since 1990 — Professor of the Department.

Anatoly Mikhailovich is a specialist in the field of aerodynamics of the centrifugal compressors flow part. He is the head of the research group for research and development of high-pressure stages with axial impellers.

At different times, the leading enterprises of the industry collaborated with the scientific group within the framework of joint research and business contacts: «Proletarsky Zavod», Vniiholodmash, TSAGI, TSKTI, KHTI (Kazan), SKBT (Penza), CIAM, VNIIkompressormash, CIAM, etc.

The results of work on the study of high-pressure stages were used at a number of enterprises in the industry.

A parametric series of single-stage unified centrifugal compressors with a capacity of 40…630 m3/min and N = 1,2…2,2 was developed.

For the first time among low-flow centrifugal compressors, the experimental sample of low-flow (25 m3/min) centrifugal compressor of General purpose CC-30/9 was fully developed, manufactured and tested.

Numerous developments of refrigerating CC flow parts, heat-carrying units, ice supercharging units were carried out.

Professor Simonov developed a design method based on the calculation and optimization of the velocity distribution by calculating the parameters of the viscous flow in the blade elements of the stage. The stand of physical research in relative motion of ECC-7, measuring complex of pressure pulsations in a flowing part, the stand for research of stages at transonic and transonic speeds in a flowing part are created.

Calculation methods have been developed and promising designs of high-pressure centrifugal stages with axial impellers have been created. Computer programs have been written to calculate the flow around the grid of the axial impeller, to calculate and profile the blade diffuser of high-pressure stages. The system of automatic design for full gas dynamic calculation of the compressor with axial impellers is created.

A. M. Simonov is a participant of international conferences. He lectured at the Dresden technical University. He was awarded the silver medal of VDNH USSR (1978) and the sign of the USSR Ministry of education «for excellent success in work» (1983).

Anatoly Mikhailovich is the author of more than 75 scientific works, including 1 monograph, 4 manuals, 4 inventions.